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Computer Lab

There are three computer labs that are functioning the college for acdemic purpose.One lab is for the first year students,on fo the senior students and on elab is allotted specvially for project work.All the labs are fully networked and have got internet facility.Each lab can accomdate 45 students at a single strech alloting individual systems for students. The sytems used in computer lab consists of high end configuration.The sytems are installed with liscensed softwares which are updated regularly.



Basic Electronics Lab


First year undergraduate students on any of our Electronic Engineering degree programmes will spend some time each week in the Level 1 Electronics Laboratory. This laboratory space contains an array of up to date equipment that students will learn to use. They will develop their practical circuit building skills and put into practice the circuit analysis techniques that they have learnt in lectures. The laboratory is also used by second year undergraduate students to build and test prototype electronic systems before manufacturing their final circuit layouts to complete their Level 2 electronics design projects



Electronics Communications Lab











Control Systems Lab

The department has a full fledged control system laboratory with modern equipments like servomotors, synchros, position control system, controllers and compensators. The lab is also equipped with advanced computing tools like MATLAB and ORCAD.The course is designed to inculcate in students a fundamental understanding of the theory and design of modern and classical feedback control system via transfer functions and state variables.







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